In all fairness

US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris accords and now wants a new deal on fighting climate change that is “fair” to the US.

If he really means that, I applaud him for that.

In the Paris accords, the US had to reduce their global emissions of CO2 by less than 30%, while China did not have to reduce emissions at all. Comparing the average contribution to global warming per citizen between China and the US, we see that US citizens add over 10 times as much to global warming as Chinese citizens.

Therefore, a deal that is fair to the US would be one whereby the US reduces its CO2 output by more than 90%, while the Chinese keep theirs level. Or at least one whereby the US reduce their CO2 output by about 60%, to bring it to the average per human being that the world can stand if global warming is to stay at a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2100.

Of course, I realize that Trump’s interpretation of the word “fair” is probably different from the dictionary’s, and he intends to let the US pump out as many CO2 emissions as they want until their fossil fuels run out. Who cares about the harm done to the Earth? Trump won’t live to experience the worst of it.

To quote an infamous politician: “Sad.”


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