Lack of progress

In recent weeks in the media it seems new terminology has been introduced to refer to “making big strides forward” in a certain area (such a battling traffic jams or dealing with climate change). They call it “making a quantum leap forward”. When I first saw this term, considering that when we talk about the “quantum scale” we mean the scale at which quantum effects start to play a role (less than 100 nanometers), I thought the people using it were sarcastically trying to express that no measurable results had been achieved. However, in layman’s terms, it seems that “quantum” now stands for “huge”. I am no physicist, but I find this painful.


One Response to Lack of progress

  1. Ren says:

    I think that in chemistry quantum leap refers to an electron jumping to a next energy level when it’s agitated. So one could argue that for a small particle an electron is such a jump to a next orbital can be considered as huge. On the other hand … quantum physics suggests that a single quantum is about the smallest amount of change an electron can take.
    Considering this all together I fully agree with the title of this post, a quantum leap suggests the tiniest piece of progress one could possibly make: I call that too “Lack of progress”.

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