Python book released

I have released my Python book, aimed at beginning programmers. It is freely available as a PDF from the website I created for the book.

I know that there are already many Python books available for beginners, but the main reason I created this one is because there is, as yet, no Python book in Dutch. I wanted to make a Dutch one available. As I already had created an extensive Python course in English, which I have been using with my students to great success, it took me only two weeks to convert that one into a book. I then translated this book into Dutch, which took a period of about two months. But now I have two versions of the book: an English one and a Dutch one. Both you can download for free.

Their titles are, respectively, “The Coder’s Apprentice” and “De Programmeursleerling”.


2 Responses to Python book released

  1. derrick says:

    Is your website down, because this link does not work? I was very interested in reading it because it received a lot of praise of reddit. Thank you,

  2. pspronck says:

    It doesn’t seem to be — I just tested it. Maybe a temporary glitch?

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