The digital overlords are here

I read a very nice statement of prof. Pedro Domingos of the University of Washington in the Dutch newspaper NRC of May 4, 2016. In answer to the question “What do you tell people who are afraid that self-learning computers are getting so smart that they will take over the world?” he said: “Computers are stupid and they already took over the world. It would be better if they would be smarter.” That’s going to be my stock answer to this question from now on.


One Response to The digital overlords are here

  1. Ren Vleer says:

    I really like the statement of Pedro Domingo too. Triggered by your post I read the article. The thought I have about this discussion, or better the aspect that I miss in this discussion is “emotional ability”. The way I see it is the reasoning part of a human being from an evolutionary perspective a very recent innovation. Artificial Intelligence is modelled to this rational part. However human decisions are not only based on ratio, but also on emotions. A large part of the decision making is ruled by the pituitary (in Dutch: hypofyse – I had to look that up) and the chemicals that it releases into the body. I don’t see any developments (yet) in AI that take this emotional part into account. And I’m therefore not afraid that computers will really take over from humans.
    So I think Pedro’s statement is a rational answer to an emotional question, underlining my point.

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