Spiralling downwards

Until now, I tried to add one new post to this blog each week. The idea being that a blog is only interesting if there is sufficient change of content to make people check it out regularly.

I did not expect many visitors for a young blog, and indeed, at this moment getting three unique visitors in 24 hours seems to be a good day. On bad days, I get none. That is slightly disappointing, but not surprising. I hope to get increasing numbers of visitors after a while, but it may take several months.

For now, I have a body of posts that people can check out. I will keep on adding posts regularly, but probably less than once a week. I think that, for now, one new post every two or three weeks should suffice. I have more than enough topics to write on, and I actually like writing, but I will do so at a slower pace.

In case the whole process of blogging dies for me, I will copy the most interesting posts to my other website and will close down this blog. But my intention is not to let that happen.


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